The year 2022 in burst

Taking stock of the year that has just ended is a bit like listening to the recap of a Netflix series that has just released a new season a year later.

It's 30 seconds of " Ah yes it's true, that happened!"

Before binge watching the next season of Aurea, I launch into a recap of last season:

  • January / February : Existential questioning. We think about our branding, our vision and our values. We change suppliers for better quality materials. That way, there's no need to take off your jewelry before going in the water or clean your rusty green finger.

  • March : We equip ourselves with photography by buying a professional camera and creating a studio at home. We spend 2 days determining the color of the plain background of our product photos for our first shoot.
  • April : We learn that a store that sold our jewelry on consignment goes bankrupt and we lose $1,000. There is even an article in LaPresse. It brews!
  • May : We are releasing our HEAT WAVE collection. This is the result of 5 months of work. I'm going to Florida with a friend and I'm taking the opportunity to create a lot of content. That's good, the concept of HEAT WAVE is "jewelry made to keep you warm" and in Quebec, it's still 10 degrees.

  • June : We are participating in a pop-up and I SWEAR you, not a single person is coming. It must be said that it was in the parking lot of a church on the edge of highway 40. I don't know why we thought it was a good idea.

  • July : I have 3 weddings, including one in France, so I take the opportunity to create content on the Côte d'Azur (I've had worse).

  • August : We release new products and we sponsor our first podcast!

  • September : We go for the weekend down the river and we realize on the way that we are really behind on our schedule to release our next ESSENTIELS+ collection. We force Sandrine (the blonde with Julien's brother) to be our model for the day. Poor thing, she really didn't ask for anything.

  • October : We are working on a second drop of our ESSENTIALS+ collection with 15 new models of gold and silver necklaces. I'm organizing a shoot with two models (yes, real ones!) at the Mirale studio. Fun fact, there was a wedding in another studio room the same day as us.

  • November : We participate in the silent auction for the foundation of my high school and another pop-up. It's Black Friday madness. It's probably our best month of the year. We are preparing a collaboration for Valentine's Day. We're sponsoring our second podcast!

  • December : We think it's cute when we see that it's a guy who buys a present for his girlfriend / sister / mother. We work hard to send all our orders the same day and our hearts are full!

To all those who have been part of the adventure, THANK YOU! You are the reason we keep doing what we love.

You're not ready for the next season ;)