Stainless steel jewelry: everything you need to know

Stainless steel jewelry has gained popularity in the past few years and maybe you still have some question about its materials when used for jewelry making. Well, you've come to the right place! In this article, I'll answer the 5 most common questions about stainless steel jewelry and help you figure out if this material is the right choice for you. Let's go!

1. What is stainless steel jewelry?

A stainless steel jewel is a jewel made from a steel alloy that is resistant to corrosion, that is to say that does not rust or oxidize. This material is very durable and versatile, which is why it is increasingly used in jewelry making. Stainless steel jewelry can be polished to a silver look or plated with a thin layer of 14 or 18 karat gold.

2. Is stainless steel jewelry waterproof?

Yes, stainless steel jewelry can be worn in water without any problem. In fact, stainless steel jewelry is water resistant and does not discolor when exposed to water. So you can wear your stainless steel jewelry at the beach, in the pool or even in the shower without worrying about damaging your jewelry.

3. Will stainless steel jewelry tarnish?

Our jewelry made of stainless steel will never darken since it does not oxidize. At Aurea, our gold stainless steel jewelry is coated with a real layer of gold using the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process which forms a strong bond between the gold and the stainless steel. This method is known to give jewelry better durability than electroplating (gold plating). Nevertheless, it is possible that the gold coating fades in some places over time depending on use.

4. Does stainless steel jewelry stain the skin?

Jewelry made of stainless steel leaves no trace on the skin! The black or greenish marks on the skin are caused when the material that makes up the jewelry oxidizes. So there's no way your fingers or your neck will turn green.

5. Is stainless steel jewelry skin safe?

Yes, stainless steel jewelry is skin safe. Unlike brass or copper jewelry, stainless steel does not contain nickel, a metal commonly used in jewelry making but which can cause skin irritation and allergies. Stainless steel jewelry is therefore an excellent option for people with sensitive skin.

In short

To conclude, stainless steel jewelry offers many advantages over other types of jewelry: it is durable, versatile, affordable, and comfortable to wear.

At Aurea, we offer a wide range of stainless steel jewelry to suit all tastes and needs. Don't wait any longer and add a touch of elegance to your style with our high quality stainless steel jewelry !