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Feel free to be yourself

We believe you should dress for yourself. It's this idea that led us to take an interest in intuitive fashion. We want to help you propel your desire to wear what you like when you like it: spontaneity tastes so much better!

Intuitive fashion means choosing outfits and accessories that make you feel good and confident, and daring to create your own style that enhances your personality.

Our mission is to find the best balance between price and quality, to give women the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of jewelry when deciding on their outfits.

Feel like yourself, it's the best gift of all!

Fair Prices

We believe you shouldn't have to pay a fortune to create a jewelry collection you love. You should have the opportunity to vary your looks to suit your mood and feel like yourself on every occasion.

We've all been disappointed by a pair of earrings we bought online that tarnished after just a few days, or a ring that turned our finger green. That's why we make sure our products are good value by taking the time to test their quality and durability.

For us, a fair price means offering jewelry that exceeds expectations in terms of quality, style and experience. Our fair prices also mean an honest margin on our products. Gone are the days when you had to wait for promotions to arrive before you could buy quality jewelry at reasonable prices. Rather than keeping a large margin and then tricking you into believing in exceptional offers, we prefer to spoil you all year round. The freedom to be yourself, a luxury that's never been so easy to afford.

Our Story

Aurea - which means " Golden Hoop " in Latin - was born of a desire to create jewelry that I myself would have liked to find as a consumer. Having difficulty justifying the price of the jewelry I bought and recognizing the quality of the different materials, I wanted to be able to offer a place where the value for money would be right.Since 2021, with my partner Julien, we've been working passionately to make this vision a reality.

Aurea is about flirting with details, being able to vary your jewelry from day to day, and wearing what makes you feel good, without moderation. While paying particular attention to the materials we use, we have based our identity on elegance at the right price. Welcome to a world inspired by warm tones, desert nature and architectural elements.

Thank you for your continued support, it's our greatest pleasure to see you wearing our jewelry.

Andréanne and Julien