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We love a classic and the Eleonore earrings are the perfect combination of gold hoops and freshwater pearls. Let them make you shine wherever you go.

  • Hoop: 20 mm in diameter
  • Pearl: 9-9.5mm

Stainless steel buckles with a PVD coating of 18k gold with freshwater pearls.

• Waterproof
• Tarnish resistant
• Does not stain the skin
• Hypoallergenic

Exchange and Warranty

Lifetime Color Warranty

Our lifetime Color Warranty assures you that we will replace, free of charge, any jewelry showing signs of discoloration in our stainless steel jewelry with a PVD coating or in our gold-filled jewelry.

However, please note that this guarantee does not cover items such as pearls, cubic zirconia, or any material that is not stainless steel or gold-filled. Furthermore, it excludes breakages, signs of wear, scratches, losses, or any other accident that may have damaged the product. See our breakage warranty here.

It's important to note that the gold color may slightly darken over time, and the Lifetime Color Guarantee will not apply in these cases.

For some pieces, completely covering the item with a PVD coating may be challenging due to our manufacturing processes. Often, chain assembly is done prior to the application of the coating, which may result in certain hidden parts not being covered.

Refer to the Return section to learn the steps for returning an item under warranty."


If one of your Aurea jewels breaks within 60 days of purchase despite normal use, contact us and we will be happy to repair your jewel for free. If it is not possible to repair it, we will replace it.

Consult the section Return to know the steps to follow to send us back a broken article under warranty.

Return and exchanges

Shop with peace of mind at Aurea! If you are not satisfied with your purchase or if you ordered the wrong size, you have a period of 30 days following receipt of your order to return the item to us. We can then make an exchange or give you a credit on our online store. It is important that returned items arrive no later than 30 days after you receive your order and that they meet the return conditions for items below, otherwise we will not be able to accept the exchange or give you credit. Returns that do not meet these conditions will be sent back to you, without exchange or credit.

Consult the section How do I return an item? to know the steps to follow to return an order to us.

Conditions for returning items

Items you want to return must not have been worn (other than to try them on) and must be sent back to us in their original packaging. We reserve the right to refuse a return or exchange if the item is damaged. A return that does not meet these conditions will be sent back to the customer in the condition in which we received it.

Consult the section How do I return an item? to know the steps to follow to return an order to us.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our policy! Please note that Aurea is not responsible for goods stolen or lost in the post.


Does your jewelry leave traces on the skin?

All our jewelry made of stainless steel leaves no trace on the skin! The black or greenish marks on the skin are caused when the material that makes up the jewelry oxidizes. Stainless steel, as its name suggests, does not oxidize. So there's no way your fingers or neck will turn green with our jewelry made of this material.

Our sterling silver jewelry may oxidize slightly over time due to the fact that pure silver must be combined with copper to form an alloy strong enough for jewelry making. This means that wearing sterling silver jewelry can potentially leave a surface mark on the skin. However, these marks are easily removed with warm water and a mild soap.

Will your jewelry tarnish?

Our jewelry made of stainless steel will never darken since it does not oxidize. They are coated with a real layer of gold using the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process which forms a strong bond between the gold and the stainless steel. This method is known to give jewelry better durability than electroplating ( gold plating ). Nevertheless, it is possible that the gold coating fades in some places over time.

Pure silver must be combined with copper to form sterling silver, an alloy strong enough for jewelry making. Due to this combination, it is not impossible for dark spots to appear on these jewels over time. However, it is easy to restore them to their natural luster with a simple cleaning!

What is the difference between gold plated jewelry and PVD gold jewelry?

Gold-plated jewelry is usually made of brass and covered with a thin layer of gold applied by electrolysis. This coating method forms a very weak adhesion between the gold and the base material of the jewel, which causes the gold layer to degrade quickly. In addition, the jewelry which brass is used as the base material rusts easily, so it will blacken and be harmful to the skin.

The process we use to coat our jewelry with gold is the most modern and is the one that forms the strongest bond between the gold layer and the base material of the jewelry. Our jewels therefore remain shiny for much longer! We also only use stainless steel and PVD gold as the base material for our jewelry making it tarnish resistant, water resistant and safe for skin.

Can I wear your jewelry if I have sensitive skin?

Yes! Our jewels are an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin since they do not contain nickel, the metal causing the most allergic reaction.

All sterling silver jewelry, although considered skin safe since it does not contain nickel, is made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. So it might not be suitable for the most sensitive skin.

I am not satisfied with my purchase, can I have a refund?

We do not offer refunds. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we can offer you a store credit equivalent to the amount of the purchase you made. See our return and exchange policy for full details.

How to return an item?

Consult the section How do I return an item? to know the steps to follow to return an order to us. Make sure you are viewing the correct section, depending on the reason for returning the item.

A. For a Product Return or Exchange

B. For item breakage under warranty

Other questions

If you have any other questions, visit our FAQ page or contact us here .